Endemol Shine gets ready for a different Bigg Boss 14 season

  •  September 30,2020 By IndianTelevision Team

MUMBAI: The three most popular features of Bigg Boss are- its host Salman Khan, Bigg Boss’ voice and finally the house. These three actually form the backdrop of every image that a viewer has about Bigg Boss throughout a season’s journey. The other bit that a viewer remembers is the participants and the variety of emotions that run amok in the house. 

On 3 October, the biggest reality show from Colors is all set to make a comeback with its fourteenth season. The 2020 edition will only see celebrities; no commoners like in the previous years. But before the contestants step in, let’s take a quick look at what’s been going on inside the Bigg Boss house, which without any doubt has been a constant participant in every season.

Production major Endemol Shine India has been producing BiggBoss year-on-year for Colors. Its CEO Abhishek Rege shares that format wise there are no changes with the usual tasks being hurled at the competitors; however, production has been planned differently.Larger shoots and performances and tasks have been planned for the beginning of the season, before contestants enter the house.Other precautions have also been taken. A team of six crew  have been mandated to take or bring food, regular supplies and props into the house. The PPE clad assistants will have no interactions with the outside world,; they will be in complete isolation.

RubinaDilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, Jaan Kumar, Shubhangi Atre, Karan Patel, Nishant Malkani, Gia Manek Eijaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, Shagun Pandey, Pavitra Punia, Neha Sharma and Naina Singh among others are strongly being speculated as the participants for this season. Rege refuses to confirm or deny the names but he admits that all the participants are currently under compulsory 14-day quarantine, which will end when shoots begin early next month. Also, they – along with the crew - will undergo regular Covid2019 tests and health and hygiene will be given prime importance. Medical and Covid professionals have visited the house to ensure that all SOPs for productions and more are being followed  - including the presence of an ambulance - and that the sets are Covid-safe.

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The production house has also hired an external Covid2019 compliance company PWC which has been charged with looking after distribution of masks to celebs and crew to sanitisation to fumigation to taking and maintaining regular  temperature checks.

Endemol Shine India  creatives normally keep track of local trends and developments before building the narrative and ideas for Bigg Boss every season. This year the theme of the house is largely based on things that audiences have missed out during Covid2019. The celebs will get to use a salon and a spa, a movie theatre, and a shopping mall. But these luxuries will have to be earned by them after succeeding in some thrilling and fun-filled tasks. 

Rege reveals that Salman Khan will be shooting for the promo on 1 October with the contestants on the Bigg Boss set in Mumbai’s Film City.

“We are keeping very stringent measures and SOPs.. Salman will also take the swab test prior to entering the set. And, to further ensure safety on the set, we have hired more people than we normally hire every year,” says he. “However, at any given point we will have very few people on set, everybody else will be there on the backend in their respective rooms and other places in isolation. We are not crowding. Usually when any eviction happens, there are lots of guests and visitors that come in.This time it is a no-no.”

Weekend KaWaar used to be Bigg Boss’main highlight and it featured  Salman Khan interacting with contestants in front of a  live audience. However, this time the studio is taking the digital route.

“We have created a huge digital wall where what was earlier the studio audience is connected live from their homes,” says Rege. “We have therefore made an arrangement where Salman can see the wall and audiences can see what is happening at the shoot and interactions can happen. So we have still kept the whole live angle working.”

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Recently, Salman revealed that he returned to host Bigg Boss 14 only because he knew the scale of production of the show would generate employment. He also agreed to accept a pay cut for this season.

Like previous seasons, this time too, previous years’ contestants and winners will come in to add to the thrill. Amongst the names being touted are: Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan, and Hina Khan will also bring a series of surprises for the contestants making this season an epitome of entertainment.The banter, quarrels, and one-upmanship, mental games, the behind the scenes gossip and the formation of groups amongst the inmates of the house are what have helped Bigg Boss build a loyal audience over the years. Another high impact Indian property – the IPL 2020 – has till the time of writing turned out to be a runaway winner, attracting viewers in un-believable numbers. Analysts believe Bigg Boss 14 is on course to beat its previous years’ performance as well just like the cricket league is doing. It’s over to the loyalists, the fans, to make that prediction come true for one of Colors biggest annual bets.