Hrithik Roshan challenges himself to do better in Lupin’s Be One campaign

  •  January 28,2022 ByIndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Contract Advertising, a part of the Wunderman Thompson Group and member of the WPP network, has created the #BanoKhudSeBehetar campaign, featuring Hrithik Roshan, for Lupin’s Be One 100 per cent Ayurvedic Energy supplements.

In the recently launched brand campaign, the Bollywood star challenges his other self to not give up and be better in every task. “We used elements of Hrithik the celebrity to tell the story of Hrithik the everyman. It was a challenge at the beginning. But Hrithik being the amazing performer that he is, the process was fun and exciting as we got deeper into it,” shared Contract Mumbai SVP & ECD Rahul Ghosh.

“In today’s highly demanding times, a product like Be One is only increasing in relevance. The consumer today is looking to constantly better themselves and this is where Be One comes in as a motivator to ensure they have the energy and health needed in this journey,” said Lupin's head of OTC business Anil Kaushal.

A film poster was unveiled on social media to announce that something exciting is coming soon ahead of the campaign launch.


Soon after this, a motion poster was launched, triggering some more excitement.

Social media started buzzing with comments and guesses on what kind of movie it would be and #BanoKhudSeBehetar became the trending hashtag on Twitter on 30 December 2021, said the brand.

The film was launched on 21 January across social media channels and TV channels. “It was an opportunity to be different in a category which talks only about non-stop energy or vitality," commented Contract Mumbai EVP and general manager Ayan Chakraborty. "Being better than yourself or ‘Bano Khud Se Behetar’ is something refreshing and new and we made sure that we leveraged the celebrity even in terms of executing the launch like a movie launch.”


“The creative challenge was to tell a story of someone trying to better himself, especially when that someone happened to be Hrithik Roshan. So, we tried to magnify the conflicts that reside within us every day. That was the creative jump-off,” said Contract Advertising CCO Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar on the creative process of the campaign.

“This campaign was born out of the consumer desire of constant improvement by competing with one’s own self as opposed to others," commented Lupin's head of marketing (consumer healthcare) Supratik Sengupta. "The film acts as a nudge to the audience to challenge themselves and go beyond their comfort zone, while the product plays the role of the dependable partner.”