Reliance General Insurance wishes to be every car owner's 'Friend in need'

  •  January 7,2022 ByIndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Reliance General Insurance Company (RGICL) has launched its new digital campaign #CarKaYaar to reinforce its brand positioning as the 'Friend in Need' for car insurance customers.

Created by ^ a t o m network, the campaign includes an animated series of six films that drives the message - 'RGICL will always take care of you and your car, no matter what happens'. Using RGICL's affable brand face BroBot in extraordinary situations, the campaign uses a humorous and quirky storytelling approach to communicate its message.

Explaining the thought behind the campaign, Reliance General Insurance chief distribution officer Anand Singhi said, "Classically the insurance sector has been filled with serious narratives depicting care, security, and various other emotional spiels. With the #CarKaYaar campaign, we have tried to break free the monotony and communicate our message in a fresh way with a bit of humor and quirkiness."

Talking about the evolution of the insurance industry in the past few years, Singhi said, there has been a significant change in customers' insurance requirements. “Add-ons are critical components in car insurance policies that offer additional protection. However, there is a lack of awareness. With this campaign, we have tried to raise awareness about car insurance add-ons and how they can offer financial protection against various types of car damages,” he added.

^ a t o m CCO Yash Kulshretsha and NCD Ananda Sen said, "The motor insurance journey is filled with doubts and skepticism of customers. The fear of not having something covered in an accident is more significant than the accident itself. We set out to highlight that with a series of films under 'No matter what happens to your car, you can always rely on your #CarKaYaar.”